Just to mention a few of the companies we have had the opportunity to work with

Trusted and used by many big companies.

DAS Client Anglo Coal
Dustaside Client Anglo American
DAS Client Anglo Platinum
DAS Client Antofagasta
DAS Client Anglo Coal


“The Dust-A-Side system which visibly improved the suppression of dust was working well and retaining its effectiveness.”

– QLD Inspector of Mines

“ A study has been carried out at Michelin’s test centre in Spain, in order to assess the impact of the haul road treatment by Dust-A-Side onto the fuel consumption of rigid dump trucks. We can reasonably conclude that the overall reduction in hourly fuel consumption would be around 3% on average.”

– Michelin Technical Director

“ We primarily use Dust-A-Side for main haul road construction and maintenance. The reason is first of all to have safe, dust free roads that would enhance productivity. Added benefits are good tyre wear, improved fuel consumption and lower maintenance cost in terms of damage to large, rigid haul truck frames. Experience has also shown a huge benefit of Dust-A-Side roads during heavy rainstorms as these roads stand up well to wet conditions allowing less production disruptions as a result of inclement weather.”

– BHP Billiton Head of Production

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