A Reduced Bitumen Emulsion Content Binder for Road Dust Control

Bitumen emulsions are widely used in the mining industry for dust control purposes on haul and access roads. They are commonly referred to as all-weather dust palliatives as their sealing / waterproofing capabilities allow them to be used during wet and dry seasons.

Despite the proven effectiveness of bitumen, it has become very costly to source in recent years, so mines are looking for alternatives. For this reason, Dust-A-Side embarked on an extensive research and development program to create a dust palliative with a reduced bitumen content. This led to the production of DAS LC.

DAS LC is a heavy-duty dust palliative of emulsified bitumen with proprietary additives to improve performance. It contains less bitumen binder content than other products on the market, making it an economical yet still highly effective  choice for dust control. 

It is an all-weather product which can be either blended in with the wearing course layer compacted by haul trucks or applied as a spray on treatment.

The product has been applied successfully in underground and surface mining operations, yielding great results for soft and hard rock mines (i.e. coal and copper mines). The application rate differs from soil to soil and is highly dependent on Plasticity index (PI).

It has a proven and impressive track record and was tested extensively in a laboratory mimicking real site conditions. This was followed by trials conducted in soft (coal) and hard rock mines (uranium and iron ore) in Southern Africa.

DAS LC delivers cost and environmental benefits

The use of DAS LC helps mines achieve reduced road surface watering. The product has excellent spread, tackiness and waterproofing properties which allows the treated road surface to remain moist and tacky for extended periods of time without generating dust. One of the benefits for mines is the elimination of frequent water reapplications between set intervals. DAS LC perform optimally between 3 – 4ℓ/m2.

In addition to cutting water usage, DAS LC helps to improve air quality as well as visibility for haul truck drivers due to a reduction in fall-out dust counts 

The reduced binder content in the formulation has the further benefit of reducing a mine site’s carbon footprint. 

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A full range of proven solutions

With well over 40 years of global research and refinement to rely on, Dust-A-Side has everything it takes – the experience, the personnel and in particular the products – to provide quantifiable results on every level.

Dust-A-Side have a complete range of dust suppression products to provide the most operationally and cost effective solution across any operation.

They can be used – effectively and economically – in a wide range of applications such as semi-permanent roads, temporary roads, underground work areas, laydown facilities, exposed areas, stockpile/embankment areas, veneering and construction areas.

Our products include bitumen and polymer based emulsions, as well as organic binders, surfactant technologies and a range of blended products. Each product is designed and developed to perform a specific task and can be applied in different ways to achieve your desired outcomes.

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