Dust-A-Side Kalahari

Dust-A-Side Kalahari


Dust-A-Side Kalahari is an associate company which is technically supported by Dust-A-Side South Africa. The company was formed in line with our strategy in South Africa to localise and consist of a shareholding between the traditional shareholders of our business and local suppliers in the Northern Cape province.

Dust-A-Side Kalahari is a 63% black owned company, whilst 51% of the shares are held by our local black shareholders. The company is in addition run by the two local shareholders, namely Mr. Justice Kgopodithata and Mrs. Rienie Manis.

The company’s mandate is to tap into the local mining business sector, thus offering holistic dust control and road management solutions to a wider range of mining clients.

One of the key aims of Dust-A-Side Kalahari is to become a game changer in the field of dust suppression and a pioneer of new innovative ideas and products in the region.

Dust-A-Side Kalahari will also strive to create long term shared values which are mutually beneficial to mine operators, employees and the local community. Strategies to achieve this include promoting local community involvement in respect to ownership and workforce participation as well as growing the business to add value to the local economy in the form of local jobs.

The company is further committed to reaching new levels of safety achievement by providing expert safety advisory and consulting services to local mines. The company will continue to work towards ensuring that mines in the Northern Cape province are classified as some of the safest in the world.


Dust-A-Side Kalahari Directors

Rienie Manis

Marketing Director
DAS Kalahari

Paul Voorhout

DAS Group
CEO and Non-Executive Director

Sipho Twala

Executive Chairman

Justice Kgopodithata

DAS Kalahari

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Unit 7, Commercial Office Space

Kameeldoring Business Extention 4095


Northern Cape, RSA


+ 27 (0) 71 332 9641

+27 (0) 86 632 7762

The Northern Cape Region in South Africa