DUST-A-SIDE HINCOL is a 50:50 joint venture between DUST-A-SIDE and HINDUSTAN COLAS (HINCOL) and was launched in July 2020. The main goal of this joint venture has been to provide total dust management solutions to mines, quarries and civil construction sites across India. The company has its head office in Lower Parel, Mumbai. 


HINCOL was formed in 1995 as a result of a joint venture agreement between HINDUSTAN PETROLEUM CORPORATION LIMITED– India’s premier oil refining and marketing company, and COLAS – a global leader in the road construction and infrastructure development business. 

The goal of this joint venture was to explore and develop the immense potential in the field of value added bituminous products. This began a journey that has seen HINCOL emerge as market leaders in the value-added bitumen segment, servicing road construction activity all over the country.

HINCOL has continued to strive to achieve the goals of both Hindustan Petroleum and Colas. Over the years, HINCOL has played a pioneering role in the evolution of bitumen emulsions and modified bitumen as technologically superior alternatives for specific applications in the road construction industry in India. Throughout this journey, HINCOL has established a total of 10 manufacturing plants spread across India. These milestones have inspired HINCOL to chart new territories and create more value for their clients.


With a highly experienced team and global ties, DUST-A-SIDE HINCOL is uniquely placed to provide turnkey haul road management, dust control and erosion control solutions to clients in every part of India. 

Rather than merely selling dust control products, DUST-A-SIDE HINCOL’s full service business model incorporates:

  • Manufacture of dust control products 
  • Supply via bulk transportation
  • Storage
  • Installation
  • Maintenance 
  • Management
  • Reporting and data analysis 

Manufacturing DUST-A-SIDE’s specially formulated products in India allows the company to minimise costs, guarantee continuity of supply and provide geographic redundancy.

DUST-A-SIDE HINCOL has the capability to provide all personnel, training, plant and equipment, products, technology and systems to its valued clients.

Corporate and Social Responsibility

DUST-A-SIDE HINCOL believes that Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) is an integral part of doing business, whereby the interests of all stakeholders including investors, customers, employees, the community and the environment are reflected in the actions and policies of the company.

As part of their commitment to practicing the highest standard of CSR, the team at DUST-A-SIDE HINCOL works to ensure that customers and employees are able to work together in confidence and treat each other equally and with respect at all times. 

The company further aims to undertake projects and activities for economic and social development of communities, preferably in the vicinity of the company’s operations, particularly targeting disadvantaged sections of society. 

These projects and activities are aligned to the following five focus areas:       

  • Health Care
  • Education
  • Community Development
  • Conservation of the Environment
  • Infrastructure for Rural Development

DUST-A-SIDE HINCOL’s CSR commitments extend to rendering aid to the victims of natural calamities such as floods and earthquakes. These activities also include those as mentioned in the schedule VII of the new Companies Act 2013. DUST-A-SIDE HINCOL would incur the expenditure on such activities either directly or through preferred partners. However, contributions to NGOs or Relief Funds without specific programs or end use reports would be discouraged.  

DUST-A-SIDE HINCOL may partner with local authorities, business associations and civil society/non-government organizations to carry out such initiatives. The company follows a project based model to identify the CSR activities to be carried out under a sustainable model.

Employees are encouraged to participate in the CSR activities through voluntary contributions in terms of money, time and efforts.

Interested in learning more about DUST-A-SIDE HINCOL?

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Phone: +91-22-23023250

Head Office Address: 
B-601, 6th Floor
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General Manager: Suman Kar
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