The ultimate bitumen emulsion product for dust control and road stabilisation

DAS Product is the flagship product technology of Dust-A-Side and has been successfully applied around the world for over four decades. The product is an emulsion of bitumen in water, specifically designed and formulated to physically bind road materials together. It also has the ability to suppress dust on haul roads, hard park areas as well as laydown areas in mining and other heavy industrial environments.

What is a bitumen emulsion?

A bituminous emulsion is a two-phase mixture of fine bitumen droplets dispersed in water by means of emulsifiers. The binding and sealing properties, robustness and re-workability of bitumen makes it a highly reliable dust control solution, particularly for treating and maintaining haul roads.  

DAS Product is specifically formulated to minimise wheel generated dust as well as bind, coat, seal and suppress fugitive dust. Once applied, it forms a water-impermeable layer that does not leach into porous pavement materials and underlying natural soils.  Unlike other bitumen emulsions, DAS Product is formulated to withstand water of variable quality, maintain long term storage stability and provide ease of application and penetration even on hydrophobic wearing courses.

How is DAS Product applied? 

Newly built roads, be it permanent haul roads and access roads, can have the product  incorporated into the wearing course layer of the road.  The process starts with scarifying the road, cutting a windrow, followed by a spray, mixing and rolling process. This not only provides excellent dust control properties for the road, but also stabilises the wearing course layer and prevents water ingress. Investing in DAS Product during the construction of new life of mine roads will significantly increase the longevity and durability of the road.

DAS Product can also be sprayed at low percentage dilutions by means of a water bowser to gradually bind, coat and seal the road over time. Once applied, the need for reapplication is minimal. Mines which typically rely on continuously spraying  water on haul road networks in order to control dust will see a dramatic reduction in water usage and water bowser hours by switching to DAS Product. 

DAS Product is conveniently delivered in a concentrated ready to use liquid.  It is diluted in a water bowser at concentrations as low as 1% right up to 50%, depending on the specific requirement.

DAS Product Fact Sheet

How does DAS Product reduce dust and stabilise haul roads?

After applying the product on the road, the emulsion breaks, (i.e. the water evaporates, causing dispersed bitumen particles to agglomerate) and allows the bitumen to cure.

DAS Product  binds  the wearing course together to form a solid-like pavement with an impermeable seal that  resists  water ingress.  Prevention of water ingress over time helps reduce functional related road defects such as potholes, corrugations and rutting that can impact negatively on production cycles and fuel consumption.   

As an all-weather dust palliative, DAS Product can be used during dry and rainy seasons.  One of the benefits about roads established and maintained with DAS Product is their ability to be commissioned quickly after heavy rainfalls as well as the fact that they remain dust free for longer during dry periods.  

What else can DAS Product be used for? 

In addition to application on haul roads and access roads, DAS Product can be used for capping dust on tailing dams. When tailing tams dry out, they become very dusty and need to be treated as they take up large areas of land on a mine site, potentially causing significant site-wide dust issues if left unattended. In these cases, a light spraying of DAS Product over a tailings dam area will bind, coat, seal and effectively suppress air borne dust.

The versatility of DAS Product also allows it to be used for rehabilitation/revegetation efforts, particularly on mine sites. When mixed in with seedlings and growth hormones, it can be sprayed over large areas of land. The binder will help stabilise the soil and prevent wind and water erosion. This will give seedlings time to germinate and thus revegetating the area will be more successful. Such efforts have become extremely important for mines to adopt to make good on their operating leases, meeting community expectations and also demonstrating commitment to sustainability measures.

What are the environmental and cost benefits of using DAS Product?

  • Operational dust reductions of 90%+
  • Water savings of 95%+
  • Increased productivity on heavy haulage roads through faster cycle times (up to 30% reduction in rolling resistance)
  • Reduction in fuel consumption on heavy haulage roads of 3% (on average)
  • Safer roads due to improved visibility
  • Operational cost savings and efficiencies due to the reduced need for water bowsers
  • Less wet-weather delays due to faster road drying times, improved wet-weather trafficability and reduced washouts.
  • Lower initial construction costs when building new roads
  • Tyre life improvement and reduced utilisation of the dust suppression fleet
  • Safer haulage conditions due to the reduced likelihood of uncontrolled vehicle movements
  • Improved road performance, leading to lower maintenance costs for mobile equipment and health and safety benefits for operators

A full range of proven solutions

With well over 40 years of global research and refinement, Dust-A-Side prides itself with diverse and tailor made solutions to address the needs of its existing and potential customers alike.  Dust-A-Side has the ability to demonstrate the value delivered to its clients by qualifying and quantifying a ROI on investment using an exclusive haul road performance monitoring and reporting technology called DASMetrics. 

Dust-A-Side products include surfactants, lignosulphonate based palliatives as well as polymer and bitumen based solutions. Each product is designed and developed to perform a specific task and can be applied to address desired outcomes as per client requirements.


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